About TLSFx

The Company

Founded by Tony Lewis in 1998, the company has continuously been at the forefront of wargaming pyrotechnics and still sets the standard, hence our motto: Innovation not imitation. Through our investment in the latest materials, technology, production techniques and people TLSFx maintains its position as the world leader in simulation pyrotechnics. 

The Factory

Set in a rural location on a secure Tier 1 COMAH site, our factory (HSE license Lincolnshire 477) is equipped with modern production facilities and a dedicated research and development block.
We are staffed by a highly skilled workforce and make use of top specification machinery and working environments.


TLSFx is the only manufacturer specializing in wargaming and simulation pyrotechnics to be accredited to ISO9001:2015.

This achievement highlights our commitment to product quality and management excellence.

Company Number 5028366 

HSE Factory Licence Number Lincolnshire 477

VAT 859278174