• M10 Ball Grenade Powder Filled

The versatile inert powder loaded M10 is the TLSFx 3rd Generation ball grenade designed for airsoft, paintball and MilSim. Modeled on the current ball grenades used by many armies from all over the world the M10 has a realistic look that will appeal to re-enactors and casual players alike. Manufactured with TLSFx Byotechnics® body it gives the grenade a toughness yet fully biodegradable ability that other airsoft grenades cannot match. With the new safety pin and lever ignition system adding even more realism to this dependable grenade. Holding the lever against the palm of the hand the safety pin is twisted to unlock from the safe position and then pulled out. The now live grenade can now be thrown. The short fuse activated as soon as the lever leaves the hand.

When detonated, the durable, water resistant finish casing will split, with a crack, covering the area with markers with inert powder (Biodegradable Pea and Paintballs loads are available).

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This product is a P2 Product, therefore we cannot offer it for sale via the website. Please call for further information

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M10 Ball Grenade Powder Filled

  • Brand: TLSFx
  • Product Code: M10 Ball Grenade Powder Filled
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

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