TLSFx Urban Battle Pack gives you all your need for the urban battlefield environment. Whether you need to distract the enemy, or cover a retreat this pack contains a TLSFx pyrotechnic to help.  For clearing a room, you have 9 Ball grenades and Thermobarics, with the choice of single or multi shot. And lets not forget the staples of any urban load out, the dependable Mk V Thunderflash and no less than 12 smoke grenades, that's 24 minutes of thick covering cool burn smoke

The large Urban Battle Pack consist of:

  • 9 x Ball grenade, friction ignition, pea
  • 10 x Thunderflash Mk5
  • 12 x White Smoke Projector (2 minute)
  • 12 x Thermobaric
  • 12 x Thermobaric Multi Bang

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Urban Battle Pack – Large

  • Brand: TLSFx
  • Product Code: Urban Battle Pack – Large
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