Terms & Conditions

Products subject to a minimum order. These vary form product to product

All Good supplied to trade personnel only.

It is clear and non-negotiable condition of supply that any persons or organisations wishing to acquire or use products featuring our range must be first register their details with TLSFx by completing Form A1 “Application to be an ‘Authorised Customer’ of TLSFx” Detailing “Customer self certification” and “End user declaration”. If your application is successful your details will be entered on the authorised customer database. Details of all pyrotechnic purchases will be recorded for security reasons.

We will, without exception, require a full endorsement of the terms and conditions from all prospective clients and a written acceptance of the terms and conditions of supply , this will include an undertaking to follow in full the recommendations specified in the Health and Safety data sheet for any item supplied and evidence of a professional interest together with evidence of insurance and appropriate legal storage.

All goods remain the property of TLSFx until paid for in full. Non defective returns, if authorised, are subject to a 30% handling charge. Goods are not sold on a trial basis, suitable for purpose not guaranteed. One year warranty unless otherwise stated, void if subject to misuse. All goods and services supplied by TLSFx are supplied in accordance with our standard terms and conditions of sale (subject to approval), current at the date of order, a copy of which is available on request.